Free Website Security Courses

Sucuri, experts in website and online security, have announced free Website Security courses.

Initial courses are aimed at beginner level, so there’s no need for in-depth technical knowledge.

With the constant and growing threat of website hacks and online compromises, we all need to be aware and this is a great resource to help website owners to stay informed and learn easy actions to avoid problems.

Gutenberg Blocks – Further Formatting

Here are some other useful formatting blocks, beyond the more typically used formatting blocks.  quote pullquote preformatted verse table code These blocks can be found in the Formatting section of the editor, except for Quote, which is stored under Common Blocks.  Quote Quote option 1 This is a quote – option 1 style. This becomes an HTML […]

Gutenberg Blocks – Wide Alignment and Full-width

The Gutenberg editor introduces some new and interesting alignment options:- full-width wide-alignment These options require that your theme explicitly supports them.  See Developer Aside for a deeper discussion on what is needed to support these alignment options. What Does Full-Width Mean with a Sidebar? Since the use of wide-aligned and full-width may not be entirely […]

Gutenberg Blocks – Video, Audio and Embeds

Adding video or audio with the Gutenberg editor is fairly intuitive and perhaps a clearer and simpler process than with the classic WP editor. Audio The Audio block allows you to upload or select from the library an audio (mp3) file.  Alternatively, you can enter a URL for your audio file, allowing you to include […]

Gutenberg Blocks – Images

These are the standard blocks which deal with images:- image inline image gallery cover image Image Choosing an image block allows images to be added from your computer or from the media library (ie already uploaded to WordPress), just as in the classic WordPress editor. After uploading/choosing the image, image size and other settings can […]

Gutenberg Blocks – Text and Formatting

Let’s take a look at each of the standard blocks provided with Gutenberg.  First, the more typical blocks which deal with text and formatting:- paragraph heading list subheading button See these other articles for further formatting blocks and image-handling blocks. All of these typical blocks can be found in the Common Blocks section of the […]

Writing with Gutenberg

This is a first step into using the new Gutenberg editor.  I am typing this content directly into the WordPress page and I will do any formatting here and see how straightforward or confusing it turns out to be. Headings, Paragraphs and Other Blocks It turns out that headings, paragraphs, etc are all separate blocks. […]

X Theme is not for me – an independent review

Am I alone in hating the X theme?  There’s a lot of hype about it, it seems to be “the designer’s dream theme” of 2016. The sales pages are great and it looks like you can create wonders with it in just a couple of hours. And maybe you can…. if you have the energy to […]