About Us

Weblines was founded by Aileen Forbes in 2005 to help small businesses develop and grow through their websites.

Originally from Scotland, Aileen spent 10 years at IBM, developing and testing programs and leading projects and teams. She left the corporate world to raise a family but never took her eye off the ball in keeping up with website and internet development.

Through her interactions with small businesses, Aileen realised there was a niche in the market for a web development and maintenance service that would meet the special needs of small business.

She discovered the technical needs were actually very similar to larger businesses but on a smaller scale. Whilst small businesses may not have the capacity to employ someone in house, they still need prompt efficient service.

Now Aileen has a client portfolio that includes small business, trainers, coaches and professionals – all getting the very best in web design and development service at an affordable cost.

Aileen supports, uses and recommends:-

WordPress CMS
Wishlist Membership Software; Aileen is a Wishlist Certified Developer
AWeber Email Marketing and List ManagementWeBuilder - cool code editor for web developers