Introduction to WordPress Basics

Starting a new series of of help items, aimed at people who want to write Posts or edit Pages in WordPress but have had little previous exposure to it.

This is really a series of Help pages for my own clients, people for whom I have set up a Blog or used WordPress as the content management system for their site.

People who have installed WordPress for themselves can probably manage by searching the internet or scouring through the WordPress documentation at

But I want to provide nice, clear help pages for people who will be using WordPress to add and edit blog posts or website content.

Plan the Site

Step 2 for refreshing the website is to plan the main site pages. Most small businesses can be described in about 4 key pages:- Home page One or more pages about Services or Products About us (the business, organisation or site) Contact details / form Additional useful pages to consider are:- FAQs Examples or samples of work, products […]

New Look

Step 1 for refreshing the website is to refresh the design.  Here is the new look.  I hope it works better in terms of providing better visual contrast, more lively look, easier to click on navigation. Next steps are: – Refresh the design – nothing too fancy, just clear and clean and lively Plan the […]

Refreshing the Website

It’s time to give this website a refresh and that is what my focus is right now. There are times when you realise that your website is not doing all that it could be for you.  I had some feedback with comments on the site:- links not working header image conveying the wrong message page […]

A First Website

You’re ready for a website.  People frequently say to you “what’s your website address?” and you’re starting to be embarassed that you don’t have one.  You know you want to have a web presence, for your business, your organisation, or even that great idea you want to get out there. Where do you start?  What […]

Help Keep Your Website Fresh

Keeping your website up-to-date is a valuable thing. Search engines seem to like it, It encourages visitors to keep coming back, You can highlight your most current product, service, meeting, workshop, etc. What’s more, out-of-date content can have a detrimental effect – when visitors see workshops with past dates or content which is no longer current, […]

Website Management

There are many reasons for updating your website on a regular basis.  One of the most compelling is that Google and other search engines may be more likely to show your website near to the top of the search results if your website content is regularly updated.  Find out more about how Google ranks your website. Visitors […]

Website Creation

If you need a website, weblines can work with you to create the kind of website you want. We will:- listen to your needs, desires and aims for your website work with you to choose colours, pictures and create your website “look” include your own written content offer suggestions from our professional experience to make the most of your website Any size […]