Writing an Item

Some simple instructions for writing a new item in WordPress.

  1. Log in to the admin function, located at http://domain/directory/wp-admin.  You can probably just use the login link at the bottom of the WordPress home page.
  2. You’ll have to enter your username and password.  Then you’ll be taken to the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Select Write from the navigation menu.  You’ll be taken to the Write Post window.
  4. Give the new item a title – short, snappy, clear and with suitable capitalisation.  There may be a standard format that you are following – eg August News, September News etc.
  5. You can type the main part of the content in the input box, using the buttons to add some formatting (Bold, Italic, lists, indents etc).  Note that the button ABC is a spellchecker.  Other formatting will be done automatically, when the item is displayed on the web page, to keep it in line with the look of the website.
  6. You can Save at any time by pressing either the Save or the Save and Continue Editing button.  Your item will be saved in Draft format, to be continued as time allows.  Your item will also be saved automatically from time to time while you are typing, to safeguard your work.
  7. If your item is long, make sure to give it some kind of sensible structure.  Judicious use of paragraphs, lists, bold type (and, I hope to add, sub-headings) will make it easier for people to read.
  8. Pictures also help to enliven written items.  See later section on including pictures.
  9. It is also helpful to readers if you place your items in Categories.  The list of available categories is in the sidebar on the right.  AHO posts have a default Category of Newsletter.
  10. To see how the item is progressing, click on Preview».  This opens up in a new browser window…. so you can return to your editing window, make more changes then see what they look like by refreshing the Preview window.
  11. When you are happy with the finished item, click on Publish.  This will make the finished item part of the website and available for everyone to view.