The Home Page

Now it’s time to get the look and the layout of the home page just right. 

The home page can be static, in that its content can be changed by editing via the admin section only, or it can be dynamic, in that all or part of it can be updated whenever a post is added to the blog, as in perhaps a news section.

The main point is that a home.php template is required (see Template Hierarchy). If the theme already has one, copy and rename it (for safety) and then make as radical modifications as necessary to get the home page as you like it.  You might need to modify other templates too, such as post.php and sidebar.php – consider making copies of these and referencing the copies from the home page, so that the originally styled versions can be kept for use within the Blog proper (if there is going to be one).

Creating a Static Front Page is a helpful reference here.

If the plan is to have a blog as part of the website too, see (but keep checking for updates to this method, if WordPress modifies its approach).