How to Schedule Posts to Appear in the Future

Perhaps you’re going off on holiday and want your website to continue to display new content at regular times.  With WordPress, it’s quite simple to schedule new website content or posts to be published in the future.

Once you have written your post and you are ready to publish it, go to the Publish box.

Find the “Publish immediately” line and click on the Edit link beside it.

Publish box

You can choose the date (and even time) that you want the post to appear live on your site.  (Remember that the date is in American format, with the month first, and the day number after).


After you have set your date and clicked on OK, the Publish button will change to Schedule.  When you click on that Schedule button, your post is scheduled to appear on your chosen date.


You can set up a whole series of posts, to appear each day, week or month and then go off on your holiday and relax!