Help Keep Your Website Fresh

Keeping your website up-to-date is a valuable thing.

  • Search engines seem to like it,
  • It encourages visitors to keep coming back,
  • You can highlight your most current product, service, meeting, workshop, etc.

What’s more, out-of-date content can have a detrimental effect – when visitors see workshops with past dates or content which is no longer current, that can lower their opinion of your website and your business.  It might even discourage them from using your services.

So, great, let’s get that website updated!

But, even if you have the skills to do it, or a great content management system (cms), many people just don’t have the time to do yet another thing for their business or organisation.

In fact, I read recently that, although many people request a cms as part of their new website, as few as 1% actually make regular use of it. 

That’s why weblines offers a Website Management service.  We aim to be the website department you don’t have – for as often or as little as you need us.

Charges are flexible, depending on your needs.   You can pay by any of:- 

  • Economical annual rate
  • Hourly rate
  • Per update as required

Once we have set things up, changes can be made to your website within 24 hours (often less) – just email the latest information, dates or pictures, in any format you are already using, and leave the rest to weblines

You wouldn’t do your accounts yourself so why feel obliged to take on the extra work of maintaining your website?  Contact weblines for an obligation-free chat.