Learning WordPress

Special Layout for one Category

I want to set up a template specifically for the Growing a Website category, which shows items in date order (oldest first) rather than reverse date order (newest first). First, I need to create a category template with the name category-n.php (where n is the numeric id of the particular category, found by looking at the […]

Early next steps

A few things I want to test and do on this website: Edit the templates – single, archive, category, post(?) to make the layout more like I want. In particular, I want to remove references to comments and “posted by” and just show which category something is in (and also, perhaps, date and time).  Done, for […]

Updateable Home Page

What I want is an updateable home page and a set of subsidiary pages, including a subsidiary blog (with the typical blog front page). It seems that this combination is not formally supported within WordPress.  So, there are a few options I can choose from: Use the WordPress blog home page as my home page and modify […]

Growing a website – Day 6

Aiming for this structure for my “typical” website:- Updatable home page – top level Other “static” pages such as about, contact, links, services – these are the second level items Perhaps some sub-pages to the static pages, such as detail about individual services – these would be third level Blog – also a second level […]