Growing a Website

Get the Look

Get the look right.  Hopefully you have some kind of look – colours, fonts – in mind and ideally a header image, even a logo. Select a likely theme as a basis.  See Using Themes and Theme Development for reference. Work on the style.css and header.php and footer.php files to get the fonts, colours, layout and header […]

Displaying Blog in the Root Directory

It’s neat to keep all of the WordPress files in their own directory.  In particular, it adds to security to store the files in an unexpectedly named subdirectory (not wordpress but something a hacker is unlikely to guess).  However you might actually want the pages to appear in the root directory, as in (not Here’s […]

Getting Started

Here’s what I needed to start with:- Domain name and hosting. Well, that’s easy, hosting is with my usual host (great value, all the features and space small organisations might need at a great price), who can also register a domain name for you.  For country level domain names (eg, I prefer, […]

Growing a website

I enjoy developing websites.  I enjoy communicating with people.  I want to see how quickly I can get a website up and running, looking good, including various information pages, blog support, with security and technical issues handled.  And anything else I might think of. And then I can offer that service to people.