Growing a Website

Plan the Site

Step 2 for refreshing the website is to plan the main site pages. Most small businesses can be described in about 4 key pages:- Home page One or more pages about Services or Products About us (the business, organisation or site) Contact details / form Additional useful pages to consider are:- FAQs Examples or samples of work, products […]

New Look

Step 1 for refreshing the website is to refresh the design.  Here is the new look.  I hope it works better in terms of providing better visual contrast, more lively look, easier to click on navigation. Next steps are: – Refresh the design – nothing too fancy, just clear and clean and lively Plan the […]

Refreshing the Website

It’s time to give this website a refresh and that is what my focus is right now. There are times when you realise that your website is not doing all that it could be for you.  I had some feedback with comments on the site:- links not working header image conveying the wrong message page […]

The Home Page

Now it’s time to get the look and the layout of the home page just right.  The home page can be static, in that its content can be changed by editing via the admin section only, or it can be dynamic, in that all or part of it can be updated whenever a post is added […]


These are the Plugins which I think will be most useful for my “typical” website. Maintenance mode – a handy option which allows you to display a polite “website unavailable” message to visitors, while still allowing signed-in administrators access to view the website. Visualize Advanced Features – provides additional editing buttons to users using the visual […]