WordPress Basics

How to Easily Add Video to a WordPress Post or Page

The easiest way to add video to a WordPress post or page is to do it via YouTube. YouTube takes care of hosting the video files and managing file formats – whatever format your video is in, YouTube will convert it so that it can be viewed over the internet without concern about different video […]

Help for Including Images in WordPress

Upload an image by clicking on the WordPress Upload/Insert icon just above the text entry box. Then browse to the location of the file(s) on your computer and upload. In the Add Media box:   Give your image a meaningful title. Remove the Link URL (by clicking on None) unless you want to be able to click […]

Help for Adding or Editing a Blog Post

Log in to WordPress and click on Posts. To write a new post, click on Add New…, to edit an existing one, click on its title in the list. Using the WordPress editor is quite similar to writing an email and most of the buttons will seem quite familiar.  If you need a little extra help, […]