Embedding Content

This is cute – just by including the link on a new line in the WordPress editor, I can embed a nice little extract of a post or page from my own site.

How to Schedule Posts to Appear in the Future

And I can embed a similar extract from any other WordPress site.

What is “Shop Your Wardrobe”?

Changing the Look

I can define the icon which is used when I (or other people) embed content from my site.  See my little green W!  Go to Appearance… Customize… Site Identity and upload a Site Icon.

And it’s possible to tailor the look of any embeds which I display on this site, by using specific theme templates.  I haven’t done that yet, this is just the default look.

What If I Don’t Want My Content All Over the Web?

Worried about your content appearing on other websites?  There’s a simple plugin which disables this feature  –https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-embeds/.

How to Schedule Posts to Appear in the Future

Perhaps you’re going off on holiday and want your website to continue to display new content at regular times.  With WordPress, it’s quite simple to schedule new website content or posts to be published in the future. Once you have written your post and you are ready to publish it, go to the Publish box. […]

Adding a Photo Gallery in WordPress

for WordPress Version 3.5 or later. A gallery is a set of images displayed in a post or page as thumbnails, which you can click on to display a larger image.  Including a gallery is a very simple process in WordPress and WordPress 3.5 brings a lot of control and versatility. Here’s my sample gallery Here’s […]

Updating a WordPress Photo Gallery

Here’s how to add new photos to a Page or Post which displays an existing Gallery within WordPress. 1. Upload the new images If your post or page already contains a gallery, you’ll see an image like this within the WordPress editing box:- To add a new photo, you can just click on the WordPress […]

Easily Add Video to a WordPress Post or Page

for WordPress Version 3.1 or later.     The easiest way to add video to a WordPress post or page is to do it via YouTube.     YouTube takes care of hosting the video files and managing file formats – whatever format your video is in, YouTube will convert it so that it can be viewed over the […]